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Keeping Clam with Linda Hazzard

We take a haunting detour from our ghostly trends to talk about the most infamous digestively challenged "doctor"/quack of the PNW, and how she'd probably get away with doing the same thing today. Spooky yet true!

The Ghosts of Port Gamble

Join us as we discuss the haunted environment of Port Gamble, Washington, and more specifically, the very actively haunted Walker Ames house. We talk children ghosts, pet ghosts, EVPs, temperature drops, and first hand experiences from our AGHOST team's paranormal investigations.

The Undertakers

E.R. Butterworth created the industry of morticians, mortuaries, and fantastic funerals, but there was darkness behind the walls of the first funeral home and mortuary in the west. Join us as we dissect his beginnings, learn about how he created the funeral industry we now know today, the supposed corruption involved, and the current longest running business of Kell's Irish Pub that occupies it's first floor today. And of course, the undead that have never left.

Interview with the Ghosts of Spooked In Seattle, Part 2

Join us as we continue our interview with the owners of Spooked In Seattle, Ross Allison and Mark Simpson. This episode, we hear from Mark, who aims to always find an explanation for things that most claim to be paranormal. But this time, he shares with us his experiences in the Seattle Underground that even he cannot explain.

Interview with the Ghosts of Spooked in Seattle, Part One

This is part one of a two-parter! Join us as we interview one of the owners of a true Seattle underground business. Hear first hand experiences, and learn a bit of history, from the paranormal investigator's perspective.

The Curse of Pioneer Square & The Most Unfortunate Bidet

Join us as we, members of the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle and Tacoma, discuss the history of Seattle that has left spirits hanging around some of its oldest parts. Special guest Ross Allison examines Merchant's Cafe, the oldest continuously running restaurant/bar in the Pacific Northwest, and reveals evidence that he and his team discovered while doing paranormal investigations.

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